Wexham Court primary

Wexham Court Primary School has served as a place of education for the children of families that have come to settle in Slough since 1950s. Pupils, parents and the community, value the School as a centre that promotes cross-cultural learning. Recently modernised and extended, the School is situated in extensive grounds on the site of a farm estate that dates back to the 13th Century.

The School’s name is based on the manor house, home farm and church that were all part of a moated complex, known as Wexham Court Estate. The Parish Church of St Mary’s Wexham built in the 12th century remains largely unchanged on land near the School. Today, Wexham Court Primary School still retains its grass areas for sports and play, a wooded nature trail that grows on the site of the medieval moat, oak trees that were planted in the 18th Century and a barn from the 19th century. These historic features provide a valuable natural learning environment for the pupils and make it a School that is unique in the area. 

The School badge reflects its history, with images of an acorn, wheat-sheaf and moat.

Comments pupils make:

“We want you to know that this is a welcoming, safe and sound school that never lets anyone down.  There is always help if you need it. It feels like a happy community with wonderfully nice teachers.”