Hauck Face To Me Bedside Crib - Pink

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 Hauck Face To Me Bedside Crib -Pink

Facilitates Night-Time Feeding ✔ Height Adjustable ✔ Tilt-Proof ✔ Fits Any Common Bed ✔

Fitting any common-sized bed (and ideal for boxspring beds up to 70cm), the Face To Me Bedside Crib facilitates nightly feeding as baby can sleep right next Mum, whilst retaining their own space, guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement for the both of you.
Fully height adjustable, the lying surface of the cot can be set at 5 different heights (from 36cm through to 54cm) and features a lowerable side section which allows Mum to comfortably access baby and breastfeed during the night without having to get up.
Designed to be absolutely un-tippable, the Face To Me offers a literal protection to prevent your baby falling out and a secure fixing system that is used to connect the crib with your own bed. 
Throughout the day, the Face To Me can be used as a bassinet by closing the side section, which offers a safe place for baby to lie. 
When not in use, the crib can be removed from the frame and both elements can be folded flat. Excellent for saving on space and for storing away easily.