Cybex Sirona Z i-Size Autumn Gold with Base Z

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  • Cybex Sirona Z i-Size

    The Cybex Sirona Z i-Size is a flexible car seat that can provide both rear and forward-facing positions, depending on the age of your child and your personal preference, ensuring maximum safety during travel. The car seat is suitable from birth to approximately 4 years old, and is able to grow and adapt with your child. 

    360 Degree Rotation

    The Sirona Z i-Size car seat is able to rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing you to easily access the seat and your child from the outside of your vehicle, whilst simultaneously putting less strain on you. It also allows for easy manoeuvrability between front and rear-facing, meaning less time spend re-fitting your car seat when you decide the time is right to change the seating position. 


    L.S.P (Linear Side-Impact Protection) 

    As with all Cybex car seats, the backrest of the Sirona Z i-Size is equipped with an L.S.P System, which withdraws from the seat to provide additional impact absorption to the head and upper body in the event of a side-on collision. Coupled with the energy-absorbing shell, the Cybex Sirona Z i-Size absorbs roughly 25% of force away from baby, providing maximum protection for your child should you ever need it. 

    E.R Tech (Energy Reduction Technology)

    In the event of a front-on collision, the Energy Reduction Technology reduces the amount of force to your child's neck by around 20% when tested against other 5-point harness car seats.

    D.D.C (Driving Direction Control)

    Driving Direction Control is a feature that prevents parents from using the car seat in a forward-facing position until their child is 16 months, or 72cm in length, due to the fact that rear-facing travel has been proven to be 80% safer in front-on collisions. Because of this, Cybex recommend maintaining rear-facing seating until your child is 105cm tall.

    Other features of the Sirona Z i-Size include: One-handed recline and headrest adjustment, 5 rear-facing and 3 front-facing positions, a 5-point safety harness and a rebound bar. 

    Cybex Base Z

    Using the Base Z alongside the Sirona Z i-Size allows you to rotate the car seat a full 360 degrees whilst remaining fitted to the base. 

    The Base Z has a simple one-click installation feature, making it quick and simple to use when on-the-go, and provides safety indicators on the ISOFIX points to ensure the base is fitted correctly, even when you're in a rush. 

    Secure the base to your car with the ISOFIX connectors, using the prop for additonal stability and safety. If you do not own a car that features ISOFIX connectors, the Base Z can also be installed using the car seat belts.

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    Key Features

    Sirona Z 

    • Suitable from birth to 4 years
    • 360° rotation
    • i-Size safety
    • Rebound bar
    • 5-point safety harness
    • 5 rear-facing positions
    • 3 forward-facing positions
    • One-handed recline & headrest adjustment
    • Linear Side Impact Protection (L.S.P)
    • Energy Reduction Technology (E.R Tech)
    • Driving Direction Control (D.D.C)

    Base Z

    • Compatible with Sirona Z/Cloud Z 
    • ISOFIX or belted installation
    • Easy, one-click installation
    • 360° rotation
    • i-Size compatible


    Age suitability: from birth to 4 years
    Weight suitability: up to 18kg

More Information Colour Autumn Gold GTIN 4058511803807 MPN 520000043 Age Suitability From 45cm to 87cm (Birth to 15 months approx.) I-Size Yes Weight 4.8kg Open Dimensions L 67 x W 44 x H 38cm Warranty 2 year Materials Removable machine washable cove